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Have you tried FSJ Shoes?

September 22, 2017
fsjshoes and inspo and co

I am always on the lookout for new brands, especially shoe brands that cater to wider widths. I have a high arch and wide feet so finding trendy shoes can sometimes be hard for me. I love a good comfy sneaker as much as the next girl, but sometimes I just want a cute mule, booties or knee-high heels! In my quest for new wider shoe brands, I came across FSJ Shoes. FSJ Shoes seems to offer a wide variety of…

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What I learned at my First NYC Fashion Week

September 19, 2017
NYC Fashion Week Inspo and Co

I’m back from my first NYC Fashion Week!  I was invited to attend The Curvy Con where I met so many body-positive bloggers, stylists and models who are really making waves in the plus-size retail community. I didn’t know what to expect from fashion week or The Curvy Con and so in true form, I scoured the internet for blog posts about both before I left. Some things I read turned out to be accurate and others weren’t my personal…

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Life Update

August 23, 2017
katrina simyab life update

WOW! It’s been too long and good lord I miss blogging! Life has changed drastically in the past month and I am so excited to share this life update on what is going on with me and inspo + co. I’ve moved to a bigger space on the other side of my hometown from where I was residing. It was just time for a change, I really like the neighborhood we moved to, we have an amazing landlord in this new…

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The Best Plus-Size ModCloth Sale Deals

August 4, 2017
best plus size picks from the ModCloth Sale

The ModCloth sale is still going strong with 40% off all clearance and free shipping over $50+ orders until Midnight on Sunday 8/6/17! There are still tons of really cute items available in a variety of sizes. I hate when sites have huge sales, but the size selection is completely depleted. Everything is cute and a steal, but nothing fits! Thankfully, that’s not a problem for this ModCloth sale! Check out some of the things I have in my shopping…

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July PLAY by Sephora is the Best EVER!

July 22, 2017
July PLAY BY SEPHORA Subscription Unboxing

The July PLAY by SEPHORA was the best ever this month with a perfect mix of makeup, skincare and haircare products. PLAY is routinely one of my favorite subscription steals, at only $10 a month for a majority mix of deluxe “samples”. It’s totally worth it to try something new or get a good amount of an old favorite. While all of this month’s offerings were steller, I was really glad to find the following three products in my “staycation” bag.…

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Three Lush Products That Will Keep Your Skin Flawless 

July 18, 2017
the best lush product for your skin

There are so many amazing things to fill your bag with at cult favorite “Lush“,  it’s hard to decide what to choose – if you are on a limited budget (who isn’t!). While it’s easy to pepper your pampering routine with bath bombs and bubbles, Lush is also a great place to find awesome skin care products. After trying tons of products and re-ordering multiple Lush favorites, I always return to stocking my shelves with the same three skin-friendly products over and…

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L. Feminine Hygiene Products are the Bomb

June 6, 2017
feminine hygiene products for periods at Target

A part of being female is getting your period. There are already so many barriers to women’s health and reproductive rights, it’s frustrating that feminine hygiene products are still not considered a basic human necessity. Even if a woman can afford pads or tampons, that doesn’t mean the most cost-effective brands are chemical-free. I was shocked when I recently found out that most hygiene products contain harmful fragrances, dyes and even PESTICIDES and CHLORINE. WTF? This stuff should not be anywhere near the delicate…

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Spring Style – Lead Actress

May 18, 2017
spring lace style by inspo and co

This look transports me to a rainy movie set- waiting between takes for lights, camera, action. It’s easy to feel insignificant among so many background actors and crew bustling about, just another face in the crowd. But then you hear your name being called, “right this way” someone says “we’re ready for you” and you remember how hard you worked to get here. You swipe on one more coat of red lipstick and walk out in front of that camera.  Quiet on…

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Why I Love My Mom – Spring Style Lookbook

May 13, 2017
mothers day spring style photoshoot inspo and co

Being the oldest of five, I have a very special first-born connection with my mother, Wendy. We are both so similarly smart and strong willed – it was always easy for us to chat, hang out, fight, make-up, support each other, challenge one another and grow together.  While we’ve had our ups and downs (as all mothers and daughters do) I can honestly say I am in the best place with my mom and am so happy to have her in…

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Instagram Travel Guide to Arizona

May 2, 2017
instagram travel guide to arizona by inspo and co

Finding pretty locations and popular places to explore is important to me when I travel. If there is a shop, restaurant or location that fits my aesthetic and has a product that is legendary, I HAVE to check it out if I am in town. It can be hard to find these hotspots without scouring the internet for days and who has time for that before a trip? Introducing inspo + co grammable guides! These guides are set up to showcase Instagram-friendly hotspot…

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