You are worthy of equal treatment. You are worthy of equal pay.
You are worthy of equal job opportunities.
Your body is yours.

You are never asking to be raped or molested because of what you are wearing.
Who you have sex with doesn’t define who you are.

It’s your choice if you want to be a wife or a mother – not your responsibility.
Your body is the best when you feel the best -not when it fits into a certain size.

Being born with a vagina does not make you weaker, dumber, smaller, lesser.

You are put down because you are so strong.
Mistreated because “they” are scared of your power.
Overlooked because of ego and sexism.
Quieted because your voice speaks truth.
But not anymore.

Now we stand up. Now we talk back. Now we move as a unit no matter our color, religion, hometown or opinion.
We further the suffering in honor of the women who fought before us.

We don’t need to waste time explaining why we matter to anyone who doesn’t understand.

Instead we look up, hold our beaming heads high and challenge the status quo.

Equal parts brawn, bravery, beauty and brains…we can’t stop and we won’t stop until the battle has been won.

A day without women is a day without life.
A day without women is a day without love.
A day without women is a day without me.
The time for equality is now.
#adaywithoutwomen .

xo Katrina


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