Four-Step Flower Crowns

Four-Step Flower Crowns

When I was in high school there was a summer where I promised myself that I would wear flowers in my hair every day. I think my efforts only lasted for a few weeks, but I remember being happy every day selecting fresh flowers from my yard to braid or pin into a different look. A more refined version of my wildflower dreams is this pretty perfect flower crown. It so easy to make, and with just four steps, there is no excuse to not try it!

Supplies Needed: Flowers (I got mine from the Dane County Farmer’s Market), Floral tape, Wrapped floral wire, Wire cutters.¬†Other then the flowers, I bought all my other supplies from Michaels Craft Store.

Step 1: Cut a piece of the wire long enough to fit around your head with a little extra left over and twist the extra together to make a nice circle.

Flower Crown and Workspace

Step 2: Choose the first flower you want to add to your crown and cut the stem to about three inches, then lay the stem onto the wire.Flower Crown Supplies

Step 3: Cut a piece of floral tape about seven inches long and begin wrapping it around the stem of the flower right under the head of the bud securing the flower to the wire. Make sure each time the tape is wrapped around it overlaps some of wrap before it.Flower Crown 3

Step 4: Keep placing flowers on the wire, one right after the other and wrapping the steams tightly with a new piece of floral tape until the crown is complete. Wrap the final piece of tape around the wire a few times to secure the flowers. 

I chose to wrap my flowers on one side of the wire to create a small cluster, but they could be wrapped all the way around the wire to create a full crown.Flower Crown Last

I will be making these all summer and I hope you will be too!

Flower crown from back


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